We create business and interpersonal success.

Covalency is committed to increasing the success rate of early-stage companies.

We are incentivized by performance-based equity to work shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs applying our knowledge and experience in building successful enterprises. We are committed to prioritizing interpersonal relationships as much as we are business success. Not only do 90% of start-ups fail but most cofounders’ relationships fail as well.

What We Believe

Our actions are guided by our Values. When we are self-aware of our values and are deliberate about living them, we are Value-Driven.

Our Values

Generosity of Spirit – We take an abundance worldview; we encourage work to make the “pie” bigger, and we all benefit.

Respect for Human Diversity – Success requires diversity of knowledge, skills, and life experience; we seek out and celebrate what we all have to contribute.

Integrity – Promises made means promises kept; we are responsible and accountable and expect that of each other.

Curiosity and Passion – We are excited life-long learners, seek new knowledge and novel solutions.

Partnership Relationships – We establish and maintain long-term partnerships with everyone collaborating and contributing their unique special powers.

Alignment and Harmony – With shared goals and aligned incentives our collective energy is optimized for success.

Fun and Hard work – We enjoy what we do; we can be silly and work hard.